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Fixed dental prosthesis in Panama

Fixed dental prostheses provide an esthetic and functional solution by restoring chewing ability and improving the appearance of the smile.

What are fixed dental prostheses?

The fixed dental prosthesis is an artificial element designed to restore the anatomy of one or more dental pieces, with the objective of reestablishing the relationship between the jaws, restoring the vertical dimension and replacing both the natural dentition and the periodontal structures. This type of prosthesis favors functions such as: chewing, swallowing, phonetics and esthetics.

Benefits of fixed dental prostheses

Among the benefits that a fixed dental prosthesis can provide are:

  • Comfort: Fixed dentures are permanent and are designed to fit precisely in the patient’s mouth. This generates greater comfort compared to removable prostheses, since they do not move or shift during speech or chewing.
  • Stability and firmness: Because they are cemented or attached to natural teeth or dental implants, the patient can eat and speak with confidence without worrying about the prosthesis moving or coming loose.
  • Functionality: Fixed dental prostheses effectively replace missing teeth, allowing the patient to regain the ability to chew food properly. They also contribute to better speech pronunciation.
  • Esthetics: Fixed dentures are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, so they greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile.
  • Relatively simple maintenance: If proper oral hygiene measures are followed, fixed dentures are easy to maintain in good condition. Regular brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are required to ensure proper function and durability.

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Types of Fixed Dental Prosthesis

There are different types of fixed dental prostheses, among which are included:


Dental crowns are prostheses that completely cover a damaged or weakened tooth. They are used to restore the form, function and esthetic appearance of the tooth.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are prostheses used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth attached to crowns that are placed over the natural teeth adjacent to the empty space.

Dental prostheses on implants

This type of prosthesis is used when several teeth have been lost in the same area. Dental implants are placed in the bone of the jaw or maxilla, and then fixed prostheses are placed over the implants to restore the function and appearance of the missing teeth.

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Fixed Dental Prosthesis Installation Process at Ford Clinic

The process of installing a fixed dental prosthesis can vary depending on the type of prosthesis and the specific needs of each of our patients. The basic steps of the procedure are described below:

The first step is to attend a consultation to evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for a fixed dental prosthesis. At that time, x-rays will also be taken and impressions of your mouth will be taken to assist in treatment planning.

If there are damaged or weakened teeth that need to be replaced, the dentist performs previous treatments (extraction, tooth grinding, etc.) to prepare them to receive the prosthesis.

If dental implants are required to support the prosthesis, a surgery will be performed in which the implants will be inserted into the bone of the mandible or maxilla. The implants will then be allowed to integrate with the bone over a period of time, usually several weeks or months.

After the implants have healed, impressions of your mouth will be taken to create a customized dental prosthesis. These impressions will be sent to the dental laboratory for the fabrication of the prosthesis.

Once the denture is ready, the dentist will try it in your mouth to make sure it fits properly and feels comfortable. If everything is in order, the prosthesis will be fixed in place using dental cement or by connection to dental implants.

After placement of the prosthesis, some changes may be made to ensure proper fit and function. Follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to evaluate the fit and performance of the prosthesis over time.

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