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Dental Caries: Causes and Treatments

Tooth decay is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Understanding what they are, how to prevent them and how to treat them is fundamental to maintaining good oral health.

Purpose of theWhat is tooth decay and what causes it? esthetic dental restoration

Dental caries is a disease that damages and weakens tooth enamel due to the action of bacteria present in dental plaque. The main cause of tooth decay is the combination of bacteria, carbohydrates and time, which leads to the formation of acids that attack tooth enamel.

What are the types of dental caries?

There are several types of dental caries, including coronal caries, root caries, interproximal caries and recurrent caries. Below is a brief description of each of them:

Coronal caries

Coronal caries is the most common form of caries and affects the visible surface of the teeth, including pits and fissures. This caries can develop due to plaque buildup and exposure to foods with high sugar content.

Root caries

Root caries develops at the root of the tooth, usually due to exposure of the tooth roots because of receding gums. This exposure may occur as a result of periodontal disease or other factors.

Interproximal caries

Interproximal caries is a form of caries that originates in the space between the teeth, where plaque and food debris accumulate easily. Often, these cavities are not visible to the naked eye and may go unnoticed until they cause symptoms such as tooth sensitivity or pain.

Recurrent Caries

Recurrent caries occurs around previous dental restorations, such as fillings or crowns. The accumulation of plaque near these restorations can lead to the development of this type of caries.

Cuales son los tipos de caries dental

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How do you remove tooth decay?

Treatment to remove decay from teeth may include removal of decayed tissue and restoration of the tooth with fillings or crowns. At Ford Clinic, we offer dental options such as composite fillings, amalgam fillings and root canals, depending on the severity of the decay.

Caries Treatment

Prompt treatment for cavities is crucial to prevent complications. Each technique must be performed with precision, care and attention to the individual needs of each patient, with the goal of preserving dental health and providing long-lasting results.

The main treatment options for caries are:


Fillings, also known as fillings, are a common option for treating cavities. At Clinica Ford, we use high quality filling materials to restore the structure of the affected tooth and prevent the progression of caries.

Root Canal Treatments

When decay has reached the dental pulp and causes infection, a root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth. Our endodontic specialists perform this procedure with precision and care to eliminate infection and preserve the integrity of the tooth.

Dental Restorations

In cases of advanced caries that have significantly compromised tooth structure, we offer dental restorations such as crowns or inlays. These restorations provide additional protection and restore the functionality of the affected tooth.

Tratamiento para las Caries

Benefits of Caries Treatment at the Ford Clinic

By receiving professional treatment for cavities at Clinica Ford, you will benefit from the experience and skills of our dentists, as well as the assurance of compassionate, personalized dental care.

Our comprehensive approach to cavity treatment includes careful assessment of oral health, design of a customized treatment plan and subsequent follow-up to ensure lasting results and complete recovery.

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