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Dentistry Panama

Don't worry, you are at the Dentist

What does dentistry treat?

What is dentistry in Panama? It’s a question everyone asks when it comes to oral health.

To answer this question, we will tell you that it is one or several medical procedures, which aim to prevent all kinds of diseases that can be caused by poor hygiene.

As we mentioned before, the main objective of dentistry is to preserve a person’s oral health.

So, in order to make this a reality, there are some procedures aimed at preventing any disease or infection in the mouth.

So an appointment with the dentist can help to treat…

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How much do porcelain veneers cost? in Panama?

Caries and other infections

cropped male patient with mouth open at the teeth examination at the dentistry

If you are wondering what does dentistry treat? The answer is simple. Every consultation with a dental professional always begins with an inquiry as to whether or not a patient has cavities. In most cases, these are responsible for your bad breath, toothache, etc.

On the other hand, the mouth is always in close contact with its own bacteria as well as those found in food and the environment. Thanks to this, some types of cleaning are carried out with specialized implements, so that these microorganisms are completely eliminated.

Poorly distributed teeth

close up of dentist holding dentistry dental handpiece while examining woman

This problem has nothing to do with cavities or other bacteria. However, it is still one of the major reasons for going to the dentist. This is very normal, since at an early age some habits are acquired, which can cause the teeth to grow unevenly or become completely disordered.

Although this has not been fully proven to have serious health consequences, it is still a very important aesthetic issue. So, for now, orthodontic treatments are intended to make you look good and to prevent some complications when eating and cleaning.

Gingivitis or periodontitis

white teeth

Gum inflammation is much more common than we think, but it is also very easy to prevent and treat if you have it. Gingivitis can be caused by poor oral health habits. Not brushing your teeth properly and using dental floss causes bacteria to build up and inflame your gums.

A dental cleaning may be used at a dental appointment to prevent gums from swelling and bleeding when brushing your teeth. In addition, in some cases, surgery is used if the inflammation is already very advanced.


dentist examining female patient with tools

Bruxism is when a person grinds his or her teeth too hard and gradually wears them down. This is a habit that you can't control by yourself, as it almost always happens when you are sleeping. Because of this, a dental professional can prescribe guards so that you don't hurt your teeth while you sleep.

In order to avoid having to replace the dental crowns of someone who has bruxism, a general check-up is performed in order to diagnose the person and start with a preventive treatment. It is also performed to prevent some symptoms such as headache, neck pain and joint disorders.

Restore accidentally lost teeth

dentist examining mouth of patient

No matter if you lost some teeth due to an accident or for any other reason, dentistry is always looking for your smile to be perfect and healthy. In the event that you are missing some teeth, models of these are made, either in porcelain or in a material as resistant as dentin.

Besides being something related to aesthetics, having a complete set of teeth in good condition can make you a very healthy person. The idea is that you are always comfortable, can talk to someone normally and never feel pain coming from your mouth.

Bone weakness

beautiful girl sitting in the dentist s office

Over the years, many people may develop weakness in the bones that support the teeth. Although this can be avoided with a good diet and oral hygiene, it is good to visit the dentist frequently so that he can tell you if your teeth are in good condition.

Generally, this problem occurs at older ages, so there is not much to worry about. However, there are many methods to observe the state of your bones and decide which type of treatment is the most appropriate for each person.

Why start your treatment at Ford Dental Clinic?

Ford Dental was designed with you in mind. We know that the visit to the dentist has been, throughout history, a source of anxiety. That is why we have incorporated in our clinic all the services of a day, so you can relax while our specialists take care of beautifying your smile. Additionally, we have the most advanced relaxation and conscious sedation techniques available.

Most common procedures performed in dentistry in Panama

For each of the medical complications mentioned above, there is a specialized procedure that seeks to eliminate the disease or treat it as much as possible. These are the most common dentistry procedures in Panama.


dentist drilling tooth of young patient closeup

Endodontics deals directly with the tooth and its inner nerve. Due to the presence of deep caries in a tooth, a special procedure must be performed to remove the nerve and prevent the infection from reaching the bone and weakening it. This is intended to preserve the original tooth without having to replace it with a new crown.

What is sought with endodontics is to heal the tooth that has decay to prevent it from causing serious damage to others. Thanks to this technique it is possible to avoid the use of artificial dentures.


Oral health is not only due to the teeth, it can also be affected by all the structures found in the mouth. This means that the condition of the gums, tongue, palate and bones contribute to good or bad health.

A dentist specializing in periodontics is able to inquire about all of this. He will then decide how best to treat the disease and keep your hygiene and health fully intact. This procedure can range from mandating sensitive toothpaste treatments to corrective surgery.

woman receiving dental treatment

Prophylaxis, detartration and fluoride

senior woman having dental treatment at dentist s office woman is being treated for teeth

These are the three most effective and easiest dental prevention methods to do. First of all, prophylaxis has the function of brushing, but it is much more effective and can remove all the tartar accumulated on the teeth. Even if you are in excellent oral health, it is always advisable to have one or two cleanings of this type per year.

Detartration is performed whenever tartar build-up is impossible to remove with prophylaxis. So this is done only in a few special cases.

Finally, there is the use of fluoride. It eliminates all possible cavities and leaves the oral cavity completely sterile.

Smile design or orthodontics

Orthodontics is the procedure par excellence when you think of dentistry. Remembering that it is one of the major causes for people to visit the doctor, it has been a technique that comes looking for better solutions or more effective treatments. Nowadays, there are two or three methods that allow the teeth to be adjusted without much pain so that the patient can have a beautiful and healthy smile.

On the other hand, orthodontics is only a small part of smile design. They also have to see many extra things such as the size of the teeth, their color and the shape of the jaw to be able to speak or eat normally. All of these are modified to give us comfort and security in our smile.

woman getting dental check up in clinic

Extraction of dental pieces

dentist holding dental tools

The extraction of dental pieces is something very selective and is always to be avoided at all costs. The reason is because not only will the tooth be removed, but also its root, which will leave a hole in the bone that will take some time to recover.

Generally, this technique is used to remove third molars. These are the ones that almost everyone is born incorrectly. In addition, they are responsible for the disorder in your teeth.

The extraction process is also used in orthodontics when teeth do not have enough space to fit properly.

Dental fillings and crowns

There are two situations that make it necessary to choose whether to make a filling in the tooth so that decay does not deteriorate it, or to fix structural damage to the tooth with a dental crown.

First of all, fillings are done exclusively for prevention. This means that after a complete dental cleaning, the tooth that has been badly affected by bacteria should be sealed. This, so that it does not continue to deteriorate and avoid resorting to endodontics.

Dental crowns are always made when the tooth is broken or completely lost. When it breaks, because the nerve will be exposed, it can be easily fixed with a custom implant. On the other hand, there are total implants to replace the tooth and make it as if nothing had happened there.

dentist showing jaw model closeup healthcare concept

The importance of dentistry

When asking What is dentistry, keep in mind that the answer encompasses a very extensive explanation. However, we can have a clearer idea by knowing that this science seeks to prevent all kinds of diseases in the mouth. In addition, it can be very helpful to know all the procedures you can hire in order to have perfect and very healthy teeth.

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