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Dental Curettage in Panama

Many pathogens are concentrated in the oral cavity and sometimes cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Dental curettage helps to eliminate and cure all these conditions.

What is dental curettage or root scaling and how is it performed?

Dental curettage, also known as root scaling or root planing, is a treatment that helps maintain healthy gums.

It is applied to remove tartar accumulated on the teeth and gums, facilitating the elimination of the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

To achieve this, the specialist performs an oral cleaning that removes plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth. Then, with the support of specialized equipment and instruments (called curettes), a deep cleaning and subsequent root planing is performed.

The latter is an invasive treatment, therefore, local anesthesia must be used and done in several sessions.

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When is dental curettage performed?

Most periodontal diseases are asymptomatic.

However, when gingivitis or periodontitis is in an advanced stage, there is inflammation and redness in the gums, grooves between the gums and even in the tooth itself, bleeding, receding gums and loose teeth can be noticed.

For this reason, it is only during check-ups with the specialist that it is possible to detect the onset stages of this disease.

Benefits of root scaling

By understanding the benefits of dental scaling, we know how to keep your mouth healthy. Among the main benefits of this type of treatment we have:

Prevents caries

Tartar and plaque manage to harden on the teeth and accumulate to cause tooth decay. Root scaling removes that build-up and thus prevents caries.

Keeps the mouth healthy

Dental curettage is part of good oral health maintenance, because it eliminates disease-causing agents from teeth and gums.

Mouth comfort

Root planing helps to keep the oral cavity fresh and clean, so it also helps to prevent bad breath.

Protection against other problems

Dental curettage contributes to the prevention of the development of root abscesses and root exposure.

Protection of dental implants

In the same way, root scaling helps our body not to reject the dental implant treatment.

Prevents dental disorders

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorders find relief in the application of dental curettage.

Reduces possible tooth fractures

Root planing prevents dental fractures that will avoid the need for expensive dental procedures in the future.

Protection against periodontal diseases

Root scaling is an important part of the prevention and protection against periodontal diseases and conditions.

When the injury is mild

Dental curettage is accomplished in 2 sessions:

* In the first session, the case is evaluated and curettage is performed.
* In the second session, root scaling should be repeated.

The duration of this treatment and the number of sessions is determined by the severity of the affected area. If the infection is very extensive and manages to affect several areas of the oral cavity, the specialist will decide to increase the number of sessions. That is why the dentist will always recommend regular check-ups, which will allow him to detect any incipient condition in time. This practice will determine the duration of any treatment.

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Do you know how much does a dental curettage cost in Panama?

The costs of this type of procedure vary according to its complexity. Request an evaluation appointment and find out the price of the dental curettage you need.

Types of dental problems treated with dental curettage

Dental curettage treats most periodontal diseases and, in turn, helps prevent them.

In particular, diseases affecting the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, root cementum, among others, are caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque.

When left untreated, these problems eventually lead to gingivitis. But if the patient also presents other risk factors such as diabetes or tobacco consumption, it will surely develop into periodontitis.

Consequently, the patient may experience gum recession, periodontal pockets and other complications.

In any case, all these problems can be avoided or solved in time by visiting the dentist regularly. This also helps to prevent cavities and the destruction of the bone that supports the teeth.

Before and after dental curettage

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